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Posted:September 23, 2022

B.A.S.I.C. - by Joshua Sky

After being laid off from his job, Dean must choose between his family and his principles if he wants to become employed. Check out this all too relatable short-story by Joshua Sky, with art by Ian Tolmay.

By:Josh Sky

Posted:August 22, 2022

Gridlock - Fiction By Joshua Sky

In this story, people live in their cars, traffic lasts for days and the greatest aspiration is to one day own a parking spot. Check out this alternate future that seems quite possible, especially with the way the economy is going...

By:Josh Sky

Posted:July 19, 2022

Stefano Cardoselli Does Stanley Kubrick in New Artbook

See the cinematic vision of Stanley Kubrick like you never have before. Stefano Cardoselli has taken the vision of a cinema master and given it a fresh look you haven't seen before.

By:Metal Plus

Posted:July 15, 2022

Star Wars - A New Flesh

Star Wars - a New Flesh

By:Metal Plus

Posted:July 18, 2022

The John Waters Interview (Heavy Metal, November 1984)

"I've tried everything but necrophilia and coprophagy, and I like kissing the best. And that sort of sums it up. I don't talk about my personal life in interviews."

By:Michael Simmons

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