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Posted:August 22, 2022

Gridlock - Fiction By Joshua Sky

In this story, people live in their cars, traffic lasts for days and the greatest aspiration is to one day own a parking spot. Check out this alternate future that seems quite possible, especially with the way the economy is going...

By:Josh Sky

Posted:July 19, 2022

Stefano Cardoselli Does Stanley Kubrick in New Artbook

See the cinematic vision of Stanley Kubrick like you never have before. Stefano Cardoselli has taken the vision of a cinema master and given it a fresh look you haven't seen before.

By:Metal Plus

Posted:July 15, 2022

Star Wars - A New Flesh

Star Wars - a New Flesh

By:Metal Plus

Posted:July 18, 2022

The John Waters Interview (Heavy Metal, November 1984)

"I've tried everything but necrophilia and coprophagy, and I like kissing the best. And that sort of sums it up. I don't talk about my personal life in interviews."

By:Michael Simmons

Posted:July 19, 2022

Happy Birthday, Frank Frazetta: A Letter From Frank Jr.

Frank Frazetta, generally considered the greatest fantasy artist of all time, was born on February 9, 1928. Frazetta began his career as a comics artist, and moved on to painting dramatic scenes

By:Metal Plus

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