Metal+ is the first of its kind blockchain enabled publishing house. For over 80 years comics have had 2 main purposes,

  • 1. To be enjoyed.
  • 2. To hold its value.

Since the dawn of digital publishing point #2 has been an impossibility, no use of technology could solve this critical difference between the two mediums. Until now.

Getting Started

  • How do I make an account?

    You can sign for your free Metal+ account .

  • Does it cost anything to join Metal+?

    No. It is completely free to join.

  • Do I need to have MetaMask to use Metal+?

    Yes. All Metal+ account require a MetaMask wallet to be able to collect the exciting web3 collectibles that are available.

  • What is a digital/crypto wallet?

    A crypto wallet is a place where you can safely store all you cryptocurrencies and all the amazing web3 content you can collect from Metal+.

  • What is MetaMask?

    MataMask is a 3rd party digital wallet provider that is one of the most trusted and widely used digital wallets on the web. It is available as a browser extension and as a mobile app, MetaMask equips you with a key vault, secure login, token wallet, and token exchange—everything you need to manage your digital assets. To find out more about MetaMask you can watch their explainer video here or visit their webpage here.

  • Does it cost money to set up a MetaMask account?

    No. Setting up a MetaMask account is free.

  • How do I set up a MetaMask account?

    Visit their webpage here and follow the steps. If you are having troubles please jump into the Heavy Metal Discord here and one of our team will help you out.

  • I am having trouble with my/setting up my MetaMask account, can you help?

    Visit their webpage here and follow the steps. If you are having troubles please jump into the Heavy Metal Discord here and one of our team will help you out.

  • Do I need to own cryptocurrencies to buy Metal+ web3 collectibles?

    No, you don’t need to own any cryptocurrency to use Metal+, we accept all major cards.

web3 Collectibles

  • What does non-fungible mean?

    If something is non-fungible it means it is unique, and can not be directly replaced byanything else. Money is a fungible asset, one $2 coin can be swapped for any other $2 coin. Artwork (or music or trading cards) are non-fungible, one painting can not beswapped for another even if they are created by the same artist.

  • What is an NFT/web3 collectible?

    An NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a web3 asset that represents objects like comics, magazines, and art. Each unique Metal+ web3 collectible is stored on the blockchain, so whenever you buy one rest assured that it’s a 100% official licensed collectable from your favourite Metal+ creator. Each NFT has its own unique identifying code that can never be changed which means that ownership and rarity are fully verifiable. Over time there will be 1000’s of web3 collectibles on Metal+ and each will have its own complete history authenticity stored in the code.

  • What is blockchain?

    A blockchain is a publicly accessible online ledger or database that is not owned by any central authority. Once anything is set in this ledger, it cannot be modified or censored by any single authority. This gives Blockchain technology several key features that give authority and security to digital collecting:
    • Scarcity:When an NFT is uploaded to the blockchain, total number of editions is set and can not be changed. No more than the defined number of editions, will ever be released. This means if a piece is 1 of 100, no more than 100 editions can ever be created.
    • Authenticity:As there can be no changes to the blockchain after an NFT has been minted, collectors can trust that the artwork they are purchasing is the original and has not been tampered with, because the publicly accessible data on the blockchain is always available to verify it. Even if other people attempt to copy the NFT in the future, it will be easily identified as a replica and the value of your artwork will not degrade
    • Ownership:Every transfer/purchase of an NFT, is recorded on the blockchain. This means that there is a publicly accessible ownership history of every asset. Provenance is automated and accurate. This both ensures the legitimacy of the NFT but also allows the original artist to be compensated for all future sales.
  • What is a wallet?

    A wallet is where you access your web3 currency and assets. There are 100s of different wallets both online and there are also hardware versions. At Metal+ we are using MetaMask and industry leader in wallet security and usability.

  • How do I know my web3 collectibles will be safe and secure?

    No one can access the web3 collectibles in your wallet. Not even Metal+. Once you own it only you can approve the sale or transfer of your web3 collectibles. It’s vitally important to protect your Metal+ wallet like you would any personal accounts online. Keep your passwords safe and don’t share them with anyone.



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